We would have preferred the Arc use Bluetooth for this reason. The device said it was working, but it definitely wasn’t. It was intimidating to use even for us. This is an EPA WaterSense-certified controller, coming in eight, twelve, and sixteen zone models. The web interface appears to have been developed with commercial applications in mind. It's possible. Poor garden. My name is Perry Taylor, and I'm a midwestern homeowner who has been caring for lawns all of my adult life through the drastic weather changes we see in Missouri. If you are mounting it outside, you will want to choose a device that comes with– or can be modified to include– a weatherproof casing. Is a steam bath the secret to baking better bread? so that you only need an Internet connection if you are interested in downloading weather forecasts. The main screen gives most of the heading to a very pushy watering savings widget, and you have to scroll before you can get to any watering options. The Scotts Miracle-Gro smart watering controller is basically a rebranded Blossom Smart Watering controller. Instead, there's a set of paper instructions included in the box with an IP address that you can navigate to in a desktop or mobile browser. The Rachio 3 isn’t the most affordable smart irrigation controller, but it does offer the most features while still being easy enough for anyone to use. They’re also surprisingly easy to use. The Nxeco’s app was really difficult to navigate. This Rain Bird controller comes with a unique Rain Delay feature that can pause watering for up to three days if it’s exceptionally cold or rainy. I built off of the work of our previous tester, Florence Ion, who has been testing and recommending consumer technology for nearly a decade. The B-Hyve wireless sprinkler system offers you up to 12 different zones of control, plus it’s easy to use and install. Check out our reviews for some of the other must-have items, such as. The BlueSpray Wireless Irrigation Controller is also a pain to set up, made worse by the fact that its covering cannot withstand the outdoors. There's even a host of IFTTT recipes available to customize your sprinkler even further. Still not convinced? Wireless sprinkler controllers are here to stay, and it’s time that you considered purchasing one of these high-tech smart watering systems. If you click and buy we may make a commission, at no additional charge to you. This device is unique in that it comes with a solar-powered soil-moisture sensor. 2 Top Rated 5 Smart Wifi Sprinkler Controller Reviews: 2.1 1. 7 Best Soil pH Testers in 2020: Expert Reviews and Buyer’s Guides, If you don’t have a natural green thumb, you may have given up on the prospect of growing healthy plants…, 10 Best Marijuana Grow Boxes & Grow Cabinet in 2020, There’s something to be said about keeping your marijuana growing operations private. This device saves data on your water usage, providing you reports for the last day, week, month, or even year. After repeated attempts to start the system remotely from both apps, we had a 0% success rate. This device is unique in that it comes with a solar-powered soil-moisture sensor. They automate the task of opening and closing individual valves, like a traditional electronic or manual sprinkler controller. Far more detail than most homeowners would care to access. Two things kept it from being our top pick: It is intended for indoor installation, so if your control box is outside, you will need to move wiring from the previous controller to a new location inside. While you might’ve picked up on some of the most important features to look for just by reading the reviews, there are some additional features you might not know to intuitively look out for. The BlueSpray Wireless Irrigation Controller is unlike the other smart sprinklers we've tested—there's an archaic-looking fuse embedded into the device to help power it up. You can use the preset watering recommendations that come with the unit, or you can adjust them through the mobile application. All Content © 2020 WeekendGardener.net. Only once were we successful in establishing a connection long enough to retrieve unit data to the app. It can show you local weather patterns and the forecast, telling you the chance of precipitation as well as when the device plans to turn the sprinklers on next. It should be controllable through an app for Android and iOS and provide configurable options for smart watering schedules based on landscaping, vegetation, and the weather forecast. The Skydrop app will also consider the information you feed it about your soil and the types of plants you're growing to determine sufficient watering rates. Unfortunately, it does not send out push notifications and since there are no on-device controls, everything must be done through your smartphone. It should be WaterSense-certified, which means it meets the EPA's requirements for water efficiency. WiFi connectivity allows you to integrate your watering with voice through Amazon Alexa, EPA WaterSense certification helps you save water and save money, Easy to install with the ability to customize schedules for different zones, Poor technical support services if you run into any troubles, This small device is one of the best if you have a spotty or unreliable Internet connection. Check out our reviews for some of the other must-have items, such as the best weed eaters and outdoor solar lights. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. This was apparent throughout our time with the controller, from its unpronounceable name to its app and directions that left us completely lost. These are the smart sprinkler controllers we tested, ranked in order: Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. These will allow the system to skip watering when it is raining or to push out a little extra irrigation when it’s dry, allowing you to, Looking to really upgrade the look and feel of your lawn and garden? 8 Best Online Seed Banks That Ship To USA in 2020 (Reputable & Fast Shipping), Best Smart Sprinkler Controller Comparison, 1. The best indoor grow systems often fail because there is so much equipment…, 10 Best Cannabis Nutrients & Organic Fertilizers in 2020, Whether you’re an expert grower of marijuana or you are just getting started, you probably know that there’s more to…, Your email address will not be published. Photo: Jennifer Pattison Tuohy. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. Also, the power brick that's included in this particular kit is so bulky, we had to track down an extender to plug it into the outdoor outlet. We dug into the product space to learn more; the product recommendations at the top of this page are our favorites. The Scotts Miracle-Gro smart watering controller is a cinch to use, though a bit limited in functionality. October 22, 2020 September 15, 2020 by Qaiser. As it turns out, there is a specific box that needs to be checked if you have a master valve. She's written for Ars Technica, PC World, Android Central, The Verge, and Engadget. Depending on the model you purchase, this device can support either 12 or 6 zones, meaning it will fit any size lawn or garden. There's also a feature that lets you "hibernate" the sprinkler system, in case there are months where you live when there's no use in watering at all. The first hangup was during installation. Whether you’re worried that your friends, family, or…, Best Grow Tent Kit: Top 8 Indoor Marijuana Grow Kits in 2020, Are you having trouble growing weed indoors? We were able to install both Android and iOS versions of the app, but when it came to setting up a custom schedule or programming, they were difficult to deal with. Your results will vary with features like smart watering, as it depends entirely on the climate in your region and what you have growing. In many cases, you can also use this unit with preexisting or older irrigation systems, too. What You Should Know About Smart Sprinkler Controllers. After we were able to get the device paired, scheduling was fairly intuitive. The second issue is that the Sprite is fully controlled by the app. Rain Bird SST600IN Irrigation Timer Indoor 6-Station, 4. This proved to be the easiest way to connect 15 wires in a very small space. The Yardian covers all the bases we expect from a smart sprinkler controller. What makes them "smart" is their ability to connect to the internet for weather data, create custom schedules, and send you notifications. That being said, most do not; you will need to decide whether overhauling your current system is worth it. For best results, you'll want to install the sprinkler controller near a covered outlet (under an awning is fine) and within range of your home's WiFi network. Best Smart Sprinkler Controller 2020. It's all very confusing and not easy to use in a rush. The Rainmachine’s was easily the most difficult physical install of all models we tested.

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