As a quick-play spell, you can also activate it on your opponent's turn if set. I build this Jinzo deck for neutralize traps, 3x Jinzo-Returner 1x Limiter Removal 1x Negate Attack, 1x Jinzo-Lord 1x Machine Duplication 1x Crush card Virus, 2x Jinzo 1x Amplifer 1x Call of the Haunted, 2x Black Salvo 1x Ectoplasmer 1x Spirit Barrier, 1x Cyber Phoenix 2x Gold Sarcophagus 1x Dark Bribe, 3x Cyber Valley 1x Foolish Burial 1x Dimensional Prison, 2x Malice Doll of Demise 1 x Burial of a Different Dimension, 1x Emissary of the Afterlife 2x Magical Mallet, 1x Thousand-eyes Idol 1x Burden of the Mighty, 1x Cyber Esper 1x Mystical Space Typhoon, 1x Phantom Skyblaster 1x Monster Reborn. 1x Monster Reborn. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Type: MonsterWhile Returner only has 600 ATK, he doesn't need tributes and is one of few monsters who can attack your opponent directly even if they have creatures fielded. Dinosaur Deck (by Fandom User, Synchro Cat OTK Deck (by Fandom User, Dark Simorgh Deck (by Fandom User, 1x Twin Twister. As for spells, "Future Fusion" helps send Returner to the graveyard and "Fires of Doomsday" offers some instant-speed tokens to sacrifice for tributes. Machina Jinzo OTK is the best way to go. Thus, Jinzo will suffer an additional vulnerability, but it's often worth the risk to access your traps unencumbered. But with dozens of potential supports available, which cards will help you claim victory? But when they do, Shockwave lets you discard a spell or trap to special summon a level six dark machine monster from your deck.Jinzo just happens to fit these criteria, making it a great way to summon him without tributing, but you can also pull any other valid monsters in your deck. Combo's: e-con take with doomsday fire and 1 tribute for jinzo electro lockdown with mindscan sazank as defender,plus good fodder for machine assembly line for jinzo revival+200 atk boost (can direct atk if you flip it) dynathereum as alternative for jinzo tribute instead of fire of doomsday Additionally, when sent to the graveyard (from anywhere), Returner lets you special summon Jinzo from your graveyard, although he'll be destroyed at the end of the turn.With no pesky "once per turn" restriction, cards like "Future Fusion" can send multiple Returners to your graveyard from the deck, activating their effects and quickly swarming Jinzos. These are the 10 best cards for your Jinzo Yu-Gi-Oh deck! also though the deck stops traps, having call of the haunted is still good as a way to get back a jinzo or to revive jacker for a jinzo play. Amplifier. Type: SpellJust as Solidarity makes use of Jinzo's type, Allure of Darkness employs his attribute. Or, you can include Amplifier, an equip spell that adheres to Jinzo and prevents his net from affecting you. Type: Spell Remember that Jinzo negates all traps, not just your opponent's, so to avoid his snare, you could simply elect not to use traps in your deck. 3x Allure of Darkness/Trade-In/Iron Draw (can't make my mind up, Iron Draw seems like the one which plays best with this deck on paper but unsure.) 1x Dark Hole. Silent Magician negates the activation of 1 Spell card every turn for free. Log In to add custom ... in my opinion the best single tribute dragon in the game Red-Eyes Wyvern. Jinzo deck. Type: SpellYou'll see that all of today's monsters are machine-type, making Solidarity a strong addition to this deck. Amplifier. 10. Help with Jinzo/Black Flame Horus deck? The Virus Control traps (which play off the dark attribute) also help—if you can avoid negating them by using Amplifier. Still, Jinzo's probably the ideal choice, as placing him onto the field will negate whatever trap your rival just activated, meaning you've both negated their play and fielded your ace. Type: TrapPsychic Shockwave is a bit risky, as it depends on your opponent activating a trap, and you never know how many they'll include in their deck. monsters who can attack your opponent directly. Jinzo negates the effects of all trap cards while he is on the field. While you have one (and only one) monster type in your graveyard, any face-up monsters you control with that type receive 800 extra ATK.800 added power is a fierce boost to your entire clan, and since some Jinzo members tribute themselves with their effects, your graveyard should quickly fill with fodder to apply Solidarity. Jinzo deck. version 3 has a lot of differences to it. Either way, this single card gives both the materials you need, and we'll soon explore a level four Jinzo monster to combo Salvo with. Type: SpellSemi-limited as of this writing, you can only include two copies of this spell in your deck, and it's long been a staple of any machine structure. You'll also want some rank six xyz monsters to morph multiple Jinzos into, like "Constellar Ptolemy M7". Jinzo and Silent Magician are the two boss monsters of this deck and are also the monsters you need on the field to lock your opponent. But for now, as we await Konami's next batch of trap-negating cards, vote for your favorite entry and I'll see you at our next Yu-Gi-Oh countdown! Type: SpellRemember that Jinzo negates all traps, not just your opponent's, so to avoid his snare, you could simply elect not to use traps in your deck.

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