We made ours with a Belgian tripel. Good melting cheese and flavorful, low bitterness beer are a given while flour and cream are facilitators of the melting process. Chocolate Ale Fondue This is the kind of beer cheese sauce that you cannot decide if you should refer to as fondue or dip. For a time Chris used to work at a resort in Vail where one of the restaurants, The Swiss Chalet serves a fondue made with no less than four imported Swiss cheeses. Step 2. equipment for your beer and cheese fondue, Find Other Beer and Cheese Fondue Recipes. 8. Your email address will not be published. Open a beer for yourself and get to work. I love beer cheese! This beer cheese fondue recipe contains German smoked cheese and mustard for a great flavor. Cheese: I recommend cheddar cheese in this recipe, but you can use another relatively harder cheese such as pepper jack, gouda, or colby cheese. Something common that can be found at most liquor stores. Because let’s face it, it’s cheese, which is the best … This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It doesn’t really matter what type of cheese is being used. Just yesterday I was thinking I want to make fondue soon. 2. If after awhile the cheese sauce begins to thicken in the fondue pot, add a tablespoon or two of cream and gently stir to thin it out. The forms on this site are protected by Google reCaptcha, and Google’s. Set aside. Yum. These two beer cheese fondue recipes are easy to make. Add the cheese, a small handful at a time, only adding another handful when the previous has completely melted, and stirring frequently. Directions. https://www.pintsandplates.com/pairings-and-recipes/beer-cheese-fondue You can forego Kirschwasser, if you’d like, or use either apple cider/juice or pear juice to give your fondue the requisite layer of flavor. This beer-centric variation is a super simple recipe that’s based on Bavarian fondue. Here are a few dippers that you can use with this cheese fondue recipe. I am using large wheat penne pasta, mini red potatoes, carrots, broccoli, apples, bread, and soft pretzels! It is a matter of personal choice really. Learn more about Craft Beering or sign up for our bi-weekly new recipes & posts e-mails (below). This plus a salad equals an awesome meal! Just hand me a loaf of crusty bread and I’m a happy camper :). To soften the former they dipped it in a heated sauce-like combination of the latter two. Remove from the heat and fold in the cheese, stirring gently and working in batches. The word fondue (literally means ‘melted’) is derived from the French verb ‘fondre’ which means ‘to melt’. Tips on good melting cheeses and compatible beer styles. What to Dip in Cheese Fondue This is easy to fix! With a wooden spoon, mix well and stir regularly. You must have bread cubes! Step 2. Transfer to a heated fondue pot and serve***. In a bowl toss the grated cheese with the flour until well coated. You probably know how much I love cheese so I could easily make a meal out of this all by itself. With over thirty-five years of combined chef and avid home cook experience between us we have you covered! Hope you had a lovely weekend . Let the cheese melt prior to adding more cheese. On and on. Hope this helps! Thousands of pages and entire books have been written about pairing beer and cheese. After the beer has simmered for a minute or two, add the heavy cream, stir and simmer for another couple of minutes. Enjoy and repeat! Generally you want to find a style that has low bitterness, herbal/floral hop aromas and good malty backbone with bready/biscuity notes. Learn how your comment data is processed. All you need is a fondue pot, some dipping options, and a few party guests. I am making this as I write this for our vegetarian meal with a big salad! Cut the clove of garlic in half and rub each half inside the fondue pot. ***Have your dipping foods cut in bite-sized pieces and ready to serve ahead of time. Soft pretzel bits make a great alternative. Chicken Beersala. Many regard it as a quintessential Swiss dish along with raclette and rosti. I recommend the Trudeau Alto 3 In 1 Electric Fondue Setas an affordable pot that can be used for all kinds of fondue. This beer cheese fondue recipe will surprise you with its German smoked cheese and German mustard. don’t mind if I do!! Make sure to get the right equipment for your beer and cheese fondue. Beer cheese fondue recipe so easy that you might add it to your regular appetizers rotation. We love this tradition and use it with the beer cheese fondue concept. This beer and cheese fondue recipe is very similar to the traditional Swiss cheese fondue except that it contains beer instead of wine or other liqueurs. Any seasonings and/or flavoring agents such as minced garlic or shallots (in the style of beer cheese soup) are up to you and can boost the overall flavor. Start by heating your beer and spices. Here is how to avoid curdling: Share it on Pinterest or leave a review below. To start – shred enough cheese to have about four cups worth. These two beer cheese fondue recipes are pretty much at the opposite ends of the beer cheese fondue spectrum. Do you cook any of the veggies (minus potatoes)? Find Other Beer and Cheese Fondue Recipes For a non-alcoholic version, use my Spicy Nacho Cheese Sauce. Instead of transferring it to a fondue pot, mix it with cooked elbow macaroni and voila! 10. You can dunk pieces of bread, toast, ham, mini sausages or some steamed vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, or potatoes. 1. Be sure that the heavy cream is relatively fresh - as it sits some acid will begin to form in the cream which can cause curdling. 4. Once all the cheese has melted, transfer to a pre-heated fondue pot, taste and if needed season with salt & pepper, then serve. Beer cheese fondue recipes and tips on suitable types of cheese and beer styles. Add the beer to a cold small pot/deep sauce pan and bring it to. HOW TO MAKE BEER CHEESE FONDUE OR CROCKPOT BEER CHEESE DIP: At most, this beer cheese dip takes about 10 minutes to cook before you can dig in and enjoy! The Swiss commonly use two different cheeses in fondue. We highly recommend Czech pilsner, Munich helles, American craft lager, bock. Simply use an immersion blender or transfer the entire broken mess into a blender and process it until no more clumps are visible. Beer Onion Gravy Before you begin to make the beer cheese fondue prepare all of your dipping foods (see below for ideas) and set the table. You might need to place the pan back on the warm stove (turned off or very low heat) to help the melting along. Required fields are marked *. Rub cut side of garlic clove around bottom and sides of fondue pot. *Generally about 4 oz of semi-hard (good melting) cheese will yield 1 cup of shredded cheese. TIP: Shred cheese while still cold from the fridge (it is easier) and let it come to room temperature before you toss it in flour. One is made with traditional fondue cheeses and the other with American cheese or processed cheese. Your email address will not be published. © 2007-2020 All Rights Reserved Worldwide. They are all pretty easy to find at liquor stores.

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