Thanks Jeff! Great tom sounds with zero feedback. I took a chance on these for this amazing price and was blown away that everyone could now hear the choir who tend to be mic shy. I thought...OK I'll use these lower priced condenser mic's as back-ups. I took the chance on these after reading reviews. Can't beat th for the price. For the investment made I have been very pleased. One pair X-Y over the violins and one pair 10 ft from the officiant, also set in an X-Y configuration. Love these and will probably purchase 2 more sets because of the versatility! I was running behind and just place them in the best location i could. Can be used "on the road" i … seems C2 is made in China by 797 audio, similar performance as AT2020, same size capsule. Can be used "on the road" i … Work great. Great price and great product for using not only in instruments but also in voice audio. Audix also makes shorter versions for a bit less. I'm using them as drum overheads in my home studio. I've used them for recording clarinet, ukulele, and vocals. I am dead serious. Don't be fooled by the size, if you need to record something on the go, these are your go to mics for the price. I purchased these with the idea that I might use them in recording a choir that I have a regular gig recording with. , They are available to offer you personalized product advice any time you need it. I have a matched pair of Behringer C-2 mics ($69) that come with a nice holder bracket (so I only have to use 1 mic stand). For studio recording, Samson C02 may be more convenient. They worked like a charm for live sound, low noise, good pickup pattern, and cheap, cheap, cheap! Plus, they are so high quality for a steal! The Behringer C-2 pair fit the bill. The Behringer C-2 microphones were reasonably sensitive and offered the prospect of good feedback rejection with their pickup pattern. Blown away by these microphones- they are worth every penny. I have two pairs of these. the only thing I have had a chance to compare them to are a pair of peavey supercardiods valued at $150 each. I'm impressed with the recent quality improvement of Behringer products. My headline might be misleading. These mics sound great for the rest of us that just want to do some project recording and Youtube videos with quality sound. They are small. For the price you can't go wrong with these mics. Can't have too many high quality mics. Used them twice now , very pleased . I have only had these for 3 weeks and I have used them for about 10 different tracking sessions of Acoustic guitar and ambient background vocals. I ran the two mics into the MIC2200 mic preamp ($99) and then ran 2 short cables from the MIC2200 to the Behringer UMC202 audio interface (($99). Both applications are in the studio. , product is the best for your buck. Excellent mic to record classical guitar. I didn't know much about audio equipment in general when I purchased these, but I've learned quite a bit since then. Love these mics!! But "budget" gear implies you're on a budget. Behringer C2 is indeed an excellent, feature-packed product. The Behringer C-2 microphone is a piece of black magic, not for its quality, or even its price to performance ratio, but for the fact that in a sea of awful Behringer products, this gloriously outshines them all. I can't believe these mics! Hopefully that last as good as they sound. I am using these as portable choir microphones for small ensembles in a church. For around the price you'd expect to pay for a decent shockmount and camera case, the Behringer B2 Pro comes complete with both — and it's a switchable-pattern mic into the bargain. The fact that they are still in production vo… They work, and they are certainly decent for the price, but they do not make drums sound very good. I've used these on live application and for live recording. We have one long Audix microboom which is better for a choir in a fixed position but is too long to move around routinely. A single switch on each microphone’s die-cast metal body enables either a high-pass filter (-6dB/octave @ 120Hz) or a … I have no idea how Behringer was able to create these mics and sell them at this price point. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The C-2 microphones are bright without being brittle and are very clear, however they do suffer greatly from proximity effect. Behringer C1 review header. Who's crazy now?! Service was rad! Never fails! They are crisp, clean, and true. I am always looking to expand my home studio mic locker and to add something to compliment my Shure 57 and 48 for instrument tracking. Yet they are. I haven't noticed any noise only because I'm not trying to record bossa nova or acapella. Awesome mics . These sound great PERIOD, the low price just sweetened the deal. I have used every microphone under the sun miking everything from drums to a cuica. I use these mics for vocals and am impressed with the quality. We use these in our bluegrass band for live performance. I do a lot of outdoor events. I like 'em better stock and they cost a quarter as much and are cute and helpful when needed. I love there dense transient pick up! And after setting them up on Sunday morning at church. the sound they pick up is crisp and detailed; they can stay true to tone even at high volumes! Put them on the included pair mount, angle out at 45 degrees or so between my singers Martin D-35 and my mandolin, works perfect! If you want to keep spending down and want a good set of choir mics, these will do it. The C-2s have really good high end clarity and the mids have a good thickness to it that I was looking for. I really can't compare them to anything but in our sound check the sound guys were saying that the drum kit sound was good. They are great live for theatre overheads, choir mic sets, and classical guitar; and recording of drum overheads, guitar/mandolin/banjo, and choir (when you can't do individual mics). Unfortunately, the humming is a little bit annoying. I run a little recording studio/jam spot out of my basement for myself and my friends and for recording vocals through my yamaha mixer, there mics are great. Thanks Sweetwater and my sells-man Greg Savino for his input on these mics. Gear4music. For people who are professionals or novice in the audio field you will not be disappointed. I absolutely loved this mic. We use them for overheads in our home studio, and they never fail to impress. I bought them for drum overheads. But in the end they work fine, and for drums they seem to sound as good if not better than a decent low end condenser such as the AT-2020. I can say that the C-2's are much more sensitive; in this sense they are good and bad. First of all, as mentioned, with the Behringer C-2 small diaphragm condenser model, you get two microphones, which is a useful setting for quality stereo recording. Sure enough, they are inexpensive and GREAT! I bought these mics and had to quickly set them up (i was running late to church) to mic 4 acoustic instruments. I keep one on my work desk so I can record whenever I need to, and use the stereo setup when I am doing more professional recording. The Behringer C-2 pair fit the bill. A few months ago I started researching, trying to see if in fact there were ANY cheap entry level interior dialogue mics that could serve the film school student and unemployed :-) indie film maker. In the end, while wanting to purchase expensive microphones (because you get what you pay for most of the time! Nonetheless, Behringer C2 is still a great choice for live performances. Good job Berhinger you have yet to disappoint in your new model of business and quaility products. If you need a high end professional sound, then go to a studio. I purchased these to record my buddy's drums and they were great. I tried them, ( bought one set to try) and bought 5 sets in total and considering buying more. The fact that these mics are substantially less expensive than even a SM57 is icing on the cake. I've had a pair of these guys for a number of years now. I really like Behringer products. I used 2 pair of these for my wedding. I threw them up, moved the switch to the -10db position on the mics, applied phantom power at the board, and voila! With good knowledge of mic technique, you can get a very clear sound out of these guys. That same eq curve however makes trumpets sound overbearing and shrilly. Store Hours, If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 222-4700. I bought these to record my acoustic guitar and was well pleased with their performance and price. Phone Hours | Luckily I had my normal mics on hand to save me. I'm very optimistic. You would be wrong to buy a Rode instead of this one! I can't stress enough how GREAT these little guys sound.

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