Therefore, the use of natural materials is so common. Unlike others, beech wood has several other advantages, which in many ways give furniture a preferred edge advantage over furniture made from other trees. Difficult to cut. Price: Beech wood is usually preferred to use for flooring. Everybody that goes into the lounge will take pleasure in …, Powered by WordPress | Designed by TieLabs, Advantages and disadvantages of beech wood, Following are the criteria that are most important in pricing, Solid meter, room meter and bulk room meter, Side tables – versatile and usable everywhere, Indoor Wall Waterfall Designs Ideas House, The environmental balance is good as native wood, Country of origin or region – Buchholz almost always comes from Germany or Central Europe. Good heating qualities, the beech wood as firewood. Softwood is the wood produced from trees that have needles or cones instead of leaves. Following are the criteria that are most important in pricing. The following should be a business to provide you with relevant information. In addition, the wood also occurs in North America and Northeast Asia and is of importance there for the local timber industry. Beech furniture two disadvantage: the crack is easy to appear in the kiln drying and processing, easy deformation. The pores in the beech wood are evenly distributed and small. Shock Resistance: The Beechwood is shock absorbent and that is why it is used in high-traffic and hard floors as well. Difficult to cut. When buying the beech wood care must be taken in what form the quantity is given. The Schnittholt is available among others in the timber trade or in local sawmills. The chairs are called bentwood chairs. Fire resistance. The quality of the wood, degree of drying, age etc. YiRan Trade Co., Ltd of Linyi city Copyright       Technical support:fengyun technology When the beech into steam, the temperature reaches a certain degree of beech is easy to be folded bending, so that it can be made into different shapes and even after drying is not easy to deform. Often referred to as the tree with American heritage and European ties, Beech (Fagus grandifolia) grows easily in every hemisphere, however, most commonly in North America. When the beech into steam, the temperature reaches a certain degree of beech is easy to be folded bending, so that it can be made into different shapes and even after drying is not easy to deform. Phone:0539-5781517     Mobile phone:0086 13455941253     Fax:86 0539 5776068 What are the advantages and disadvantages of beech furniture? So that the whole …, Why should towels and toilet rolls on the edge of the bathtub, if it is so stylish Towel & toilet …, Now we have all heard the saying about skipping down the primrose path to a lifetime of ease and leisure. One of its famous properties is it odorless. By the way, a flap is a tongue-shaped grain. The fresh light color and durability make it ideal for use in the bedroom and living room. The bentwood process, developed by Michael Thonet in 1830, made dampened beech wood a very popular material for the production of seating furniture. Decay resistance. The evenly textured, straight-grained beech wood offers significant resistance to pressure, because of being hard, heavy, and strong. 0.6 to 0.7 room meters or 0.45 to 0.5 solid meters. From beech wood, the furniture industry is still the largest area of ​​use today. Expensive. These trees are called Rotkernbuchen. Beech wood is also used as a material for veneers and stairs in interior design. The beech trunk wood comes directly from the wood industry and moves priced approximately between 65 and 85 euros per crop solid, the wood has a particularly high quality, the price can also increase to 110 euros per harvest solid meter. Weather resistant, the wood is not unprotected. The wood is widespread throughout Europe. Fir, pine, spruce and hemlock are the main sources of structural lumber.Framing lumber is the main go-to lumber for framing and building. It is not durable when it gets exposed to change in moisture. Beechwood is a very solid wood that can even surpass oak. Since cork is low density, it is also very strong and can be used to make wooden fishing lures. If you do not want the smell of wood in your bedroom or living room, beech wood is a great choice. It is possible to purchase the beech wood as a package, here offer some suppliers package or commission prices, the package price is on average 100 euros per m³ cheaper than the commission commodity. Advantages: -Beech is ver hard and tough. Furthermore, you will learn here, where you can inquire about the current recommended prices and what else is there to pay attention. Easy to maintain . Beech wood uses and properties have many advantages and disadvantages. When lumber is grouped like this, it's been graded for structural performance. Screw, glue and nail holding characteristics are good with birch, but due to its hardness, pre-drilling is sometimes necessary for smaller nails or screws. If it comes with wood preservative at the surface for processing, then the beech wood can survive even in the outdoor area for a long time in extreme weather conditions. Some vendors require a small quantity discount when purchasing small quantities. The beech wood is stable, elastic, very tough and heavy. The color can be beautiful. When building a house in which more than one floor, much attention is paid to the stairs. This article will give you information on some of the pros and cons of a varnish finish. The advantages and disadvantages of the beech beech furniture furniture shortcomings: A disadvantage of beech furniture: due to the different age of each tree, so the color of the trees and the density different, thus make furniture color will have differences. This wood differs from hardwood by its way of water transportation inside the tree, it’s structure is simpler than the structure of hardwood. If... Cubic meters… Beechwood is available in different types and qualities on the market. Advantages of balsa wood. The quality of the wood, degree of drying, age etc. Cracks: Cracks can easily get appeared on Beech Wood. The advantages of the two beech beech furniture, hard wood, anti punching ability. Advantages and disadvantages of beech wood Beech wood as sawn timber. It generally is less dense than hardwood. It is a good insulator and is therefore used in refrigerators and cold storage rooms. Expensive. If you own a fireplace or a wood-burning stove, you are certainly familiar with Buchholz, as Buchholz is the most widely used firewood in private households. The advantages of the three, beech furniture under certain conditions beech can be easily fabricated into various shapes. Only if one compares the prices intensively and converts if necessary, in order to be able to compare all offer in the same measure, one is on the safe side. Soft Wood for Carving. Address:Linyi city of shandong province Lanshan District Fangcheng town Guoxingzhuangg, Hello!Welcome to YiRan Trade Co., Ltd of Linyi city, Briefly beech furniture little common sense, How to store the finishing of beech veneer. If more space is needed, they can be quickly moved or pushed aside. Because over time, the color …, While in the past the bar stool was only found in pubs and bars, today it is increasingly found in …, One of many few home enhancements that not solely add worth to your home in addition to performance is trendy …, A log cabin half approach up a mountain can appear probably the most idyllic and enjoyable locations to be, so …, Whereas consolation is synonymous to 1’s home, magnificence is an adjective that’s not often related to houses in actual life. If the trees are older, then the color of the wood is a bit darker. Pros: It's a very strong and stable wood that can take intricate carving. Contacts:Manager Li The wood is also susceptible to infestation by bugs. 807 Views. The beech is a can be used for the production of wood furniture. Disadvantages of hardwood. If the wood is steamed, then the elastic property can increase and it can easily bend. It can take a beating and look great for years. One of the hardest wood species, maple is often chosen for heavy-use items, like dressers and kitchen cabinets. Advantages of hardwood. Flooring Cons/Disadvantages. …, Side tables are extremely functional and versatile. Outdoor Spaces: Beech wood can not be used at the outdoor spaces.

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