We’ll work hard to stay on top of that and ensure that the book is delivered on time. Arcanis is a world of high fantasy, intrigue, and suspense. Leave Your Mark Upon the Shattered Empires Arcanis is a world of epic adventure, intrigue, and exploration. By: Paradigm Concepts. Welcome to the Arcanis: World of the Shattered Empires. If you enjoy the world, I think you'll find that the system was made to compliment it rather than just wearing it as a skin. Some are fantastic beings born with the blood of Valinor or the souls of elementals. Stock #: PCI1607. Arcanis was originally a campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons game, created by Henry Lopez and supported by Paradigm Concepts.It is also the name of the fictional world where the setting takes place. sshattered The Empirew campaign setting is a grim, dark work of epic fantasy, modeled after the ancient world rather than a European medieval setting. Diplomacy, skill, and discretion will. Stock #: PCI1600. Arcanis - The World of Shattered Empires Roleplaying Game. Arcanis Bestiary Volume I – Arcanis The World of Shattered Empires RPG Sourcebook. Within are six adventures written by the industry’s most talented authors that will pit you against some of Arcanis’ deadliest foes! Arcanis: The World of Shattered Empires has 374 members. Add to Cart Bestiary Vol. Condition: MINT/New MSRP $49.99 Was $39.95 Sale Price $35.96. Arcanis: The World of Shattered Empires is a world rife with epic adventure, with ancient mysteries to unlock, long lost tombs to explore, and malevolent adversaries to confront. A world painted in shades of gray, rather than stark black and white, where your enemy today may be your only hope tomorrow. By: Paradigm Concepts. From the introduction: Welcome to Arcanis: The World of the Shattered Empires Campaign Setting, an epic fantasy world with grim overtones, designed for. 2. Product Line: Arcanis - The World of Shattered Empires. Heroes come in a myriad of forms. Diplomacy, skill, and discretion will carry you as far or farther than skill at arms or in the arts of magic. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. The setting was launched in 2001 and is known for its odd twists on the fantasy genre, as well as its wide member approval and community-based design and construction. Arcanis: The World of Shattered Empires RPG (PCI1600) Hardcover – July 25, 2011 by Pedro Barrenechea (Author), Henry Lopez (Author), Eric Wiener (Author) & 3.9 out of 5 stars 7 ratings. From the publisher (Paradigm Concepts, Inc.): Arcanis is a world of high fantasy, intrigue, and suspense. A world beset on all sides by the machinations of inhuman empires and creatures both fel and foul. Price New from Used from Hardcover "Please retry" $46.17 .

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