TMDb StreamComplet est votre filmland gratuit! A cautionary tale about surface level pleasures that doesn't begrudge its characters for wanting them, or for casting about in the dark as they struggle towards adulthood. it felt like the movie is trying to seem deep and relevant but failed miserably. The story and its development may seem a little superficial, but Zlotowski seduces with her serene gaze that captures the beauty of everyday summer life and youth's eagerness to discover the world. Additional note for violence:The characters watch a movie where humans’ heads are drilled. Aos poucos vai se distanciando de um mal estar adolescente 'breillatiano' e toma forma de um coming of age sobre construção não apenas de identidade mas de ideais de liberdade em meio à luta de classes e aos amores de verão. With Mina Farid, Zahia Dehar, Benoît Magimel, Nuno Lopes. Synopsis. Interview: Rebecca Zlotowski • Director of An Easy Girl “It’s time for women to re-embrace our sexy stereotypes, and play with them with power and pride” CANNES 2019: We caught up with Rebecca Zlotowski to discuss An Easy Girl, which plays with sexual stereotypes and power games between privileged men and objectified women . I fell asleep. Can’t relate since all my cousins are more or less living similar lives. D'une manière simpliste et tendre que tout y est suggéré à travers un lot de détail.Si l'ambiance du film fonctionne, c'est grâce à la complicité à l'écran entre Zahia Dehar, surprenante et parfaitement étourdissante par son naturel à l'écran et ka découverte du film, Mina Farid, pleine de fraîcheur.Zlotowski ici réussi à renouveler cette façon à filmer les femmes déjà visible dans Belle Épine (2010) ou Planétarium (2017), un portrait intimiste et moderne pratiquement intemporel. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. One of the worst performances of my…. The film touches on aspects of modeling/nurturing, aspects of grieving/trauma, aspects of promiscuity, aspects of plastic surgery for beauty vs. natural growth for beauty, aspects of consent/being of age, aspects of communication (there's a really interesting perspective in the film concerning communication), aspects of value(s), aspects of being a gold digger/sex worker, aspects of goals/purposes, and aspects of friendships/relationships amongst other points. Sign in . Contact us | Logos and banners | Change privacy settings, Mission | Structure | Partners | Team | Participate | Donations | Terms and conditions, (The article continues below - Commercial information), Interview: Rebecca Zlotowski • Director of, CANNES 2019: We caught up with Rebecca Zlotowski to discuss, First clapperboard set to slam on 7 July for Matthieu Rozé’s, New York hosts the Rendez-Vous With French Cinema, The 7th edition of Are You Series boasts a jam-packed programme, The final clapperboard is set to slam on Jean-Christophe Meurisse’s, We took the opportunity to chat with Jo Sol about, We chatted with Bulgarian director Ivaylo Hristov, who is competing at Tallinn Black Nights with his fourth feature, the immigrant fable, Armenia’s Jivan Avetisyan tells us about his latest feature, its exclusion from Moscow Film Festival and his new projects, Sarah Chazelle and Etienne Ollagnier, founders of Jour2Fête, talk to us about independent distribution in France and its struggle against the pandemic, Canal+ (FR), Cinécap (FR), Indéfilms (FR), Cinémage Soficas (FR). Welcome to a platform where professionals can meet and exchange information and ideas. watched it for nuno lopes he deserves better, i’ve gotta stop watching such straight movies and getting disappointed when they end up being straight movies. Feelings don't matter." Stunning Sofia (Zahia Dehar) and down to earth Naima (Mina Farid) are 16 year old cousins that are vacationing together for the summer. Part 1: Easy-to-use streaming video recorder The French Riviera plays backdrop to a gripping, subtle, and sweet coming-of-age story about a pair of teenage girls looking for summer fun with the wealthy who frequent the Parisian docks. The…, Check out the official top 100 narrative feature films by women directors list, Movie Maestro 3,624 films 16,464 240 Edit, [after his parents have left, thinking he is ill] "They bought it. Looking to watch Earth Girls Are Easy (1988)? I’m in my room alone bored and I will be making a list of every movie that comes to my mind until I get bored with that, Déjà Vu : A Chronological History of French Cinema Since Time Began - Une vitrine chronologique du cinéma français depuis la nuit des temps. Ce site a une belle collection de films streaming célèbres pour vous. Watch all you want. Politique de confidentialité . information & settings. An Easy Girl finds the melancholy on sun-dappled beaches and erotically-lit yachts, amongst vast expanses of ocean, endless vineyards, and crowded nightclubs, without sapping those things of their thrill, the power one feels when pushing their boundaries or the hangover that follows. Naïma desires only to follow her own path, so long as it leads upwards… Despite the warnings of her best friend Dodo, she and Sofia will live through unforgettable encounters during a long summer that will mark them forever, Mina Farid Zahia Dehar Clotilde Courau Nuno Lopes Benoît Magimel Lakdhar Dridi Henri-Noël Tabary Cédric Appietto, Teddy Lussi-Modeste Rebecca Zlotowski Zahia Dehar, Les Films Velvet France 3 Cinéma Canal+ France Télévisions Indéfilms 7 Cinémage 13 Cinécap 2, Моє спекотне літо з Софі, Мое прекрасное лето с Софи, Ein leichtes Mädchen, Ένα Εύκολο Κορίτσι, Une Fille Facile, Bezstarostná dívka, わがままなヴァカンス, Uma Rapariga Fácil, Bezstarostné dievča, Дівчина легкої поведінки, 90 mins   Broadcast your events with reliable, high-quality live streaming. Get your team aligned with all the tools you need on one secure, reliable video platform. One of them (Nuno Lopes) is into Sofia, but the other (Benoît Magimel) realizes that Naima is “just a child”. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. However, I found the montage of the moments over the summer at the end to be superfluous. besides the beautiful cannes as the background, the narrative is not really convincing. Directed by Rebecca Zlotowski, Naïma has just turned 16. Didn't like this movie and I don't recommend to anyone. could go on forever about Rebecca Zlotowski's brilliance here in a scene using Pascal Laugier's Martyrs as an experience of female bonding and our desensitization to it. This list is for scripts or source material written or co-written by women. the cinematography and score is alright but i don’t understand why there’s just a lot of sex scenes. Primarily based on director's influences and recommendations. Then her cousin Sofia arrives, with an amazing body and a dangerously seductive lifestyle. Long synopsis : Naïma has just turned 16.This summer, she will have to decide what she wants from life if she doesn’t want to miss out. Sofia is beyond her years, accepting expensive gifts from men. The scenery is amazing and the cinematography does it justice. Recs welcome! Malgré la particularité de son histoire, Une Fille Facile s'avère être une histoire à laquelle toute femme peu s'identifier et aborde des sujets importants tel que le regard masculin, le choc des classes sociale, la découverte de soi et l'embrasement de sa féminité et les premiers émois. The description doesn’t really do justice to how good this is. An Easy Girl is a drama type film mainly about two female relatives spending a summer together with random acquaintances. Incredible! Then her cousin Sofia, with her alluring lifestyle, arrives to spend the holidays with her.

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