Stunning board. It is basically chocolate brown streaked with lighter and darker grains that are sometimes almost on the crimson side. The wood is considered moderately durable. Lets say you need to cut-costs and save money, then why not simply substitute Walnut wood for a low-cost light wood – such as Maple or Pine – and stain the boards to a darker shade. We then transfer the walnut into specialized steaming chambers to help uniform the colors for a specific length of time to insure the proper steaming process. One knot halfway down one face. Prized for its typically deep chocolate color (often highlighted by red or purple streaks and/or tint), straight grains (though sometimes irregular), fine texture and warm luster, the wood has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and is considered to have solid dimensional stability after drying. Our mills are centrally located in the heartland of Missouri USA where some of the best walnut in the world grows. Try Prime. American Black Walnut grading varies from other North American species. However if you choose to go with wood, you’ll have to make sure you have designated places to sit hot items and finger nail polishes. Finding figured pieces is not uncommon. Ready to go in the rain or snow, display or for long term storage. Lovely board. That means we deliver them fully finished , hand rubbed with 8+ coats of oil and finished to a smooth satin sheen. Walnut dries slowly, with little shrinkage. American Walnut Company can also provide blanks, machined on both faces, and profiled to a specific size. To the genus walnut belong approx. Although we don't have any listed pieces for this species available in our online store, add this species to your Quote Request and we'll get back to you with availability in our warehouse. You won’t necessarily get surfaced stock. The most familiar walnut wood comes from trees indigenous to Southeast Europe and the Balkans. Knots on both faces with defects one edge one end. walnut wood. Black Walnut has long been considered one of the US's most durable hardwoods, and one of its most popular. Beat the holiday bustle. In terms of appearance, European Walnut tends to be a little lighter and cooler in tone than American black walnut. After the careful process where the lumber is dried to a moisture content of 6%-8%, it is then equalized, conditioned and inspected by or certified lumber graders. The grain of black American walnut wood flooring is generally smooth and softly undulating. The lumber is then well edged and double end trimmed to a specific length. The parts are all being made from American Walnut and ready for you to install. Skip to main To top that all off, we do hand wax the wood for even better protection from the elements. Comments: Black Walnut’s immense popularity among American woodworkers cannot be overstated. Note: photo is representative of the stock you will receive. American Walnut Company manufactures a variety of North American Hardwoods and as you can tell by our name we specialize in American black walnut. You can choose to get the lumber in the rough by selecting Machining = none and get an additional $20 off. Knot halfway down one face. Bit of wane on one end of one face. African Walnut's grains are typically straight or slightly interlocked -- yielding good working properties -- with a fine to medium, consistent texture and a fine natural luster. Walnut wood might be pricey, but if you still prize the look of this timber species, then you could try your hand recreating the appearance of walnut, but with a more affordable hardwood.

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