Just let them know the message you want to send. Third, your advertising needs to be memorable, intriguing, different, and unique. affiliate marketing, marketing strategies, niche. But they WILL remember how you made them feel! This can only be done by creating a truly memorable experience for their potential customers. Not to mention, getting free backlinks which in turn leads to boosting your SEO and organic presence. In addition, by getting them to react a certain way there is a greater chance that your messaging will turn them into loyal brand ambassadors. Marketers spend endless hours looking for ways they can reach their target audience. After all, who doesn’t love to feel like they are receiving personalized messaging? As a result, people have become very receptive to the typical online marketing strategies. There are literally THOUSANDS of podcasts in just about every niche and industry you could imagine who are desperate for guests and people to interview! There are a few steps to make sure this is effective. Here’s 5 alternative marketing strategies you can test and implement into your business today! Receive the latest marketing training, news, tips and growth hacks! 5 Ways A Small Business Can Compete With A Large Business. When you can get your customers doing the marketing for you, without asking, you know you’re onto a winner! That’s exactly why these more alternative marketing strategies work!! Imagine have 100 of your potential customers wanting join your OWN private community each and every day. Try sending the occasional personalised video greeting to one of your existing customers. New opportunities open up, new leads start coming in, you’ll gain new insights and most importantly, you’ll start to realise what makes your business truly UNIQUE instead of just being made into another commodity business forced to compete on price alone. (talk about an alternative marketing method!) A great question to ask yourself here is this: “Who has my customers before they come to me?”. And whilst video in itself is nothing new, tools like these allow you to connect in a more personal and meaningful way. Product placement involves inserting your brand or product into some type of media. Especially for those willing to get creative and show some innovation in their marketing. The Societal Concept ADVERTISEMENTS: These concepts may be termed as the approaches or, sometimes, the evolution stages of marketing … First, you must choose a clear market segment to target. The Marketing Concept 5. Here are five alternative marketing strategies to consider: #1 SMS Marketing. Last Updated on September 23, 2020 by Elevate Digital. I’m talking about creating an eco-system where people can support eachother. Their team will hand-write your letter on quality paper. First, your product must be either unique, new, or better than the competition. The problem we ALL have as marketers and business owners is that almost everybody these days is doing the SAME thing…. We are here to go through some alternative marketing methods with you. But as the market becomes more saturated with generic advertisements; marketers have begun looking for alternative ways to reach consumers. (function(){window.mc4wp=window.mc4wp||{listeners:[],forms:{on:function(evt,cb){window.mc4wp.listeners.push({event:evt,callback:cb})}}}})(), Brand & Identity Development Well, I’ve got some good news and some bad news – I’ll start with the bad. You’re probably questioning whether you’re actually on a digital marketing blog right now but stick with me here…. Buzz marketing, also known as word-of-mouth marketing focuses on customers passing along information. This is why companies like Inkpact are able to achieve incredible results for their clients. Website Design & Development You have successfully subscribed to the newsletter, Tom Peyton is the Co-Founder of Elevate Digital, © 2019 Elevate Digital All Rights Reserved. Be careful to avoid any repercussions from your actions too! For instance, offering guests of a festival a sample of your product first, and pitching them on why it should be valued by them is a perfect example of this. Print Design & Production Read More: 6 Steps For Developing A Customer Base. We’ve been doing this for a while now and the results have been INCREDIBLE. In order to make an immediate splash in starting a business or unveiling a new product, you will need to generate interest in unique and sometimes unconventional ways such as using alternative methods of marketing. Additionally, be sure to track how well each method is working too because keeping track of your return on investment is vital to your business’ growth! What Is Alternative Marketing? This will allow you to create an environment where your potential customers can THRIVE, with or without you. *If you’d rather watch, check out our video below (and stick around until the end for a bonus strategy ). As a result, the challenge in this is that more times than not traditional methods can be difficult and a slow moving process. This can be a great opportunity to gain free exposure for your brand! Rather than simply giving away free samples this tactic aims at engaging with customers at various locations or events. If it’s helped, feel free to share with your friends or colleagues on social. In addition, utilizing proper branding practices can give you a memorable, cohesive image throughout all of your channels that presents your product as better than the rest. Unsure where to start with some of these ideas? Consequently, there are some preconditions of buzz marketing for it to correctly work. Or you could spend that same time creating meaningful and PERSONALISED content that people actually engage with and take action on. BLKDOG, Not saying we're the Nancy Regan's of the design b, Check out the latest @igniteuny Startup Showcase W, Meet Claire! You’ll find people will end up chasing you for business instead of it being the other way around. 35 Bold Examples of Guerrilla Marketing … Please prove you are human by selecting the Tree. Alternative marketing is ultimately doing the things that won’t necessarily scale. The underpinnings of all successful alternative marketing strategies. CONTENT + MARKETING The Selling Concept 4. Working remotely with us locally this, 5 Steps To Start A Product Line For Your Business, companies have offered enormous amounts of money. Advertising Campaigns After all, that’s why you’re marketing in the first place right? The idea being to cast the net far and wide to reach as many people as possible. Then speaking to them in a way which moves  them and inspires them to take action. If you’re looking for a good alternative marketing channel to promote your business, then listen up! And they share their best content via a regular email marketing … Traditional marketing & advertising are generally campaigns based on mass media across digital, radio, TV, and print. For instance, Red Bull does a great job of marketing their products at events such as extreme sports, where many people are much more likely to drink their products. Guerrilla marketing tends to be cheaper than traditional marketing… It is a widespread belief in the marketing world that products or brands placed in advertisements will lead to increased awareness and give off a positive attitude towards the brand. Niche businesses can only cater to a small audience and address very specific issues. Guerrilla marketing uses alternative tactics and settings to find creative ways of doing things. Most importantly, building a relationship with your customers should be the goal of guerrilla marketing. For instance, this could be any visual-based advertisement (Which should be them all!). Guerrilla marketing is a great alternative to traditional marketing. This involves finding new methods, means and places to reach consumers where it matters. They even post about it and share it with friends without being asked! Check out this list of 35 guerrilla marketing ideas to get a better sense of effective, and not so effective, ways your company could do the same.

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