How market research can help you increase profits? Lewin’s model provides a general framework for understanding organizational change. However, it does require a system/subsystem level (techno-social) support to survive. It may include installing new methods and procedures, reorganizing structures and work designs, and reinforcing new behaviours. It includes choosing an appropriate model for understanding the organization and gathering, analyzing, and feeding back information to managers and organization members about the problems or opportunities that exist. Kurt Lewin suggests that efforts to bring about planned change in an organisation should approach change as a multistage process. Whatever is the case, action research consists of the following seven steps. Action research is defined as a process of inquiry conducted for and by those who are taking action. You’ll want to develop some questions about the area of your focus. A close interrelationship exists among data gathering, feedback, and diagnosis because the consultant summarizes the basic data from the client members and presents the data to them for validation and further diagnosis. Also, it can be gauged by a group of colleagues sharing a common interest in a problem or even by the entire school faculty. Whatever the scenario, action research always involves the same seven-step process. Your email address will not be published. It is frequently accomplished through the use of supporting mechanisms that reinforce the new organizational state, such as organizational culture, rewards, and structures. improving employee welfare measures and the like fall into this category. For example, if the teachers are concerned about the rising responsible classroom behaviors, then it will be helpful for them to start by clarifying which approach will work best. Reporting results 7. At this point, members discuss the feedback and explore with the OD practitioner whether they want to work on identified problems. Since the data is being collected from students and teachers who are a part of the treatment, the relevance or importance of findings is assured. The trick to managing triangulated data is to be efficient as well as effective in the material collection which is already swirling in the classroom and next is to identify other data sources that may be adequately surfaced with classroom discussions, tests, or questionnaires. It emphasizes member involvement to identify the organizational issue they have the most energy to address. Analyze and interpret the data. Triangulation can be explained as studying or observing an object which is inside a box by seeing it through various windows that are cut into the sides of the box. Action Research Process 29 Action Research Nine steps to provide guidance Cyclical, not linear, process Observe . When every lesson is seen as an investigation into the factors which affect learning and teaching, teachers tend to develop a great mastery of science and art. also be gathered after the action has been taken to measure and determine the These researchers are also the primary customers of the findings from the research. During the initial contact, the OD practitioner and the Data analysis usually implies complex statistical calculations, but this is rarely true in case of an action researcher. Once the selection of focus area has been made, and the perspectives and beliefs of the researchers about that focus are clarified then the next step is to generate research questions that are meant to guide the inquiry. Schools these days are focused mainly on themselves and their programs through the development of shared focus. This, the diagnosis of the problem; and the time and expense of the intervention. Identify data to be collected, the format for the results, and a timeline. The schools whose teachers can’t agree on a single research focus can use action research as a tool to assist them in changing themselves into a learning organization. This type of change, where the future state is being consciously chosen, is not as threatening. organizational problems. In this third phase, members examine the stories, both large and small, to identify a set of themes representing the common dimensions of people’s experiences.

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